B2B companies often wonder which, if any, social media channels to use for lead generation and awareness. Facebook, the network once solely used to connect with friends and family, often comes into question as to whether or not it’s a useful tool for B2B businesses to communicate with prospects. The question arises: “Is it worth to market on Facebook?”

Before answering that, it’s important to note that there are a few ways B2B marketers can use Facebook. First, CEOs and Founders can leverage personal Facebook profiles. Second, there are Groups for organizations, clubs, and topics. Third, there are Page for brands, companies, and notable people.

Most importantly, Facebook has targeting and advertising solutions that are highly useful for B2B marketers, and the platform is often underlooked for B2B, which means less competition. In this post we”ll see a few ways to make Facebook work for your B2B business.

Use “How To” Tutorials

Don’t just publish or embed videos in your blog or website also place them onto your company’s Facebook page. It could be just as a news update to your wall if it is topical.

If you are providing evergreen content via videos that describe how to use equipment or explain a difficult concept visually it is best to create a separate Facebook Tab that provides a quick click to your online video library of educational videos.

News Updates of Your Industry

Keeping up with trends is important in any industry. So placing the latest breaking news can provide your customers and prospects with a resource that keep them up to date and informed.

Provide an Incentive for Growing your Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes are the social networking equivalent of those all important email subscriber lists. Provide a reason for customers and prospects to give you their email address. This will drastically improve your email acquisition rate.

Capturing Email Subscriptions for Lead Generation

The “shiny new toy” syndrome of social media marketing and Facebook has blinded many marketers to the continuing power of  capturing those all important emails for lead capture and ongoing marketing.

Targeting Decision Makers

If you want to target decision makers with paid advertising on Facebook  then tight demographic targeting can be achieved via Facebook’s self service advertising feature.

Market Research and Surveys

Capturing information from prospects and customers is vital to understand what is important to them and provides valuable feedback to bring new products and services to market. Facebook provides a simple but free question tool that is placed in the main share tab section of your Facebook page.

Make your Company Human

The social web has created a much more casual, real and authentic web. Use your Facebook page to highlight the human side of your company. Post videos and images that are not photo shopped models or plastic people. Also write articles that are more about educating rather than putting corporate spin on your image.

Marketing your B2B business won’t be easy at first. However, if you use the right methods, it will be a huge success. We hope you got valuable information from this blog. We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavour! To know the best Facebook strategies in general for your, click here! And if your business is a local business, find oit how to make Facebook ads work for your local business here!