We all use Facebook to market our business and our products or services. However, there are so many aspects and methods to marketing on Facebook, that we could get confused and become unclear as to what methods may be the best to implement or use. Whether you are currently dealing with this issue or are only now starting to market your business on Facebook, don’t worry, we have got you covered. We are going to tell you a few of the best ways you can market your business or product on Facebook.

Have a business page

To market your business on Facebook, you need to have a business page on Facebook. Your personal Facebook account isn’t gonna cut it. This is because only people you are friends with will see your posts on your personal account. However, with a business profile, your posts can be seen by anyone who likes or follows your page.

Also when you setup your business page, you will see that there are a variety of options to customize your page. Add whatever information you can about your business and its services and products. It may not be that people will check all of the information about your business. However, if they need something specific, they should be able to find it. And most important, there should be good photos and possibly a few videos that show exactly about your business and what you do.

Be active

No, we’re not referring to the physically active. What we mean here is that you should regularly post stuff and interact with your customers who reach out to you through Facebook via comments, messenger, people who tag you in posts, etc. Doing so will make your audience and customers feel like they know you and relate to you and would be more inclined to use your products or services.

Use features like Polls and live sharing to make your customers interact with your page. Also, if possible, share a few bloopers and hilarious moments that happen in your business. People love that. Nothing extreme though.

Promote your page

Well, no point cooking a lavish banquet if no one is gonna eat it. Similarly, if you make good content, post stuff and be active on Facebook but you have little or no followers, there’s no point. Therefore you have to promote your page on Facebook. Luckily, Facebook gives you a bit of help in this regard. When you first make your page on Facebook, send invites to all your current customers. If you don’t have any, just send invites to all your friends.

Traditional marketing methods can also help you in this regard. Put a link on your Facebook page for people to sign for an email subscription service. Also put all of your social profiles on your website. Put in promotions and coupons or special discounts for your those who follow your page making them more interested and likely to follow your page.

Get your followers involved

We need to remember that Facebook is a social media platform. Therefore whatever you post should be social. It shouldn’t be just advertising, advertising, and wait, more advertising. It should also be posts that engage your followers. Before you post something, ask yourself, “will this post start a conversation?”. Use words like, “share your thoughts”, “tell us if you like this”, “do you think”, etc. If you do this, you are encouraging your followers to get involved in your page. When you do this you will get a better understanding of your customers’ needs and will help you to make the necessary changes in the future

Target the friends of your fans

People are likely to be prompted to do something if their friends are doing it. When your customers and fans interact with your page, their friends will see it in their newsfeeds. If you encourage your customers and fans to check-in into your business, offering a discount if they do so, their friends will see it and will be curious by what their friends are doing and would want to do the same.

Creating events on Facebook and then people telling that they are interested or coming to that event will make their friends interested and likely to come or join in.

Have a go at Facebook Ads

If you’re unable to find audience and customers organically, have a go at Facebook Ads. These ads look like regular posts, however these posts reach targeted audience and can reach a great number of users. Facebook has many tools that help you find the right audience by their location, age, interests or gender. Facebook also collects user data, therefore you are likely to have your post reached to very specific audiences who are likely to be interested in your business and product or service. It also has an analytics tool that helps you understand which ads drive interest and sales. If you have a local business, check out our blog written specifically for those who have local businesses.

With all these methods, we hope you have a huge success in your future Facebook marketing campaigns. If you have a b2b business, find out how Facebook can work for your business here!